It is a tremendous honor and a genuine privilege for all of us at Miami Cancer Institute to invite you to Miami for what we hope will be a tremendously successful 60th edition of our annual PTCOG meeting. Miami is widely regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan and international of all North American cities, a true melting pot of cultures from all over North America, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as Europe, and increasingly now from Asia.

This melting pot culture of Miami is emblematic of our own evolution in PTCOG, with a truly multinational flavor infusing a branch of medicine that is growing robustly in large measure due to international influences and collaborations, much like Miami, the city that will host this 60th edition.

The theme of PTCOG 60 is “Optimization of Radiotherapy Modalities”, reflecting our transformation from a nascent esoteric technology to a mainstream modality with a much better-defined use case. This is now permitting us to move on from dosimetric evaluations, case studies, and retrospective reports, to well-conducted prospective clinical trials, large and robust database analysis incorporating vast numbers of patients and producing real-world evidence, demonstrating not only clinical benefit efficacy, but also cost-effectiveness. We are no longer a therapy that is available to an extremely tiny minority of well-selected patients, but much more mainstream, and genuinely integrated with advances in surgical approaches, the development of targeted and immunotherapeutic agents, and entwined with other radiotherapy modalities.

Miami Cancer Institute (MCI), with its uniquely comprehensive range of all major radiotherapy modalities as well as its integration into a truly multidisciplinary clinical-trial oriented cancer matrix, is representative of this robust integration of proton therapy into mainstream cancer management. In this context, our special emphasis at MCI, includes the very interesting and widely pursued research arenas of FLASH and Dynamic Arc, but also on developing unique capabilities such as pulsed reduced dose rate proton therapy, proton GRID, combining proton therapy with other external beam approaches for an idealized total therapy plan, unique and novel approaches to collimation, dual energy CT, developing a more robust voxel-level understanding of dose distribution and resultant normal tissue morphometric change, etc. Ultimately, such accomplishments will determine the broader success and implementation of our modality.

We look forward to inviting you to Miami to enjoy a truly comprehensive and scientifically exciting program at this year’s PTCOG meeting. Also, come prepared to have some fun in the sun. The ocean is our neighbor, the beaches are our playgrounds, fine dining and night life abound. Check out our wonderous gardens, unique, and renowned the world over. For the connoisseur, we have fine dining, the arts, theatre, and music; There is truly something for everyone. Come prepared to expand the horizons of your mind, entertain your senses, surprise your palate, build new friendships, and renew prior acquaintances. We are planning a superb gala event, as well as a Proton Center tour. So, keep your schedules open for those events as well.

On behalf of PTCOG, Baptist Health of South Florida, Miami Cancer Institute, and the PTCOG60 Local Organizing Committee and the wonderful people of Miami, welcome! We are excited to invite you to a wonderful event on your 2022 academic calendar.

With warmest regards,

Dr Minesh Mehta

Dr Minesh Mehta

Miami Cancer Institute