PTCOG 60 CME Program






Who Should Attend

This conference offers a broad curriculum in the field of particle therapy for clinician and healthcare professionals including radiation oncologists, medical physicists, biologists, therapists, dosimetrists and other staff supporting the treatment of patients with particle therapy modalities.  There will be educational  sessions and current scientific reports.  Experts in the field will be presenting overviews and new work.

PTCOG 60 Scientific Program Session Goals

June 2022

The understanding and use of Particle therapy continues to evolve as our understanding of patient outcomes increases.  A current practice gap involves technological advances, which have allowed more sophisticated treatment planning and delivery and their application to patient treatments.

Goal 1: Present information which bridges the gap to these advances.

Identify novel approaches for incorporating the known physical and biological characteristics of particle therapy into radiation treatment planning and patient treatment

Provide new data from particle therapy clinical trials on the effectiveness and efficiency of radiotherapy and identify needed improvements

Share information to enable the Particle therapy center team to stay up to date on:

New clinical outcomes data to further their competencies about patient outcomes, toxicities, and new indications

Recent innovations in treatment delivery as well as medical and accelerator physics

New findings of the biologic underpinnings of particle therapy


Goals 2: Participants will learn to apply these techniques leading towards best practice in Particle therapy including:

How to select candidates for particle therapy treatment

How to identify appropriate patients for clinical trials and improve patient enrollment access

How to reduce toxicity and optimize tumor control probability

When and how to apply advanced treatment planning approaches including biological considerations

Better understand the individual limitations of different modalities and how to recognize when multi-modality treatments can optimize patient outcome

How to participate in new and ongoing research and quality improvement initiatives in particle therapy

PTCOG 60 Educational Session Goals

June 2022

The field of Particle Therapy is quickly growing.  Many new particle therapy facilities are being built and are opening and many more are in the planning stages.  It is advantageous for new participants in the field to learn the fundamentals early and to become part of the community well before patient treatments in the new facilities begin.  The Educational sessions at PTCOG help to achieve these goals.

Goal 1: Provide a pedagogic introduction to the science of particle therapy

Teach the basic physical principles of particle therapy

Teach the basic biological principles of particle therapy

Teach the underlying technology of particle therapy

Teach the basic elements of treatment planning

Teach the basics of patient alignment

Goal 2: Provide a pedagogic introduction to clinical particle therapy

Teach treatment techniques for disease sites frequently treated with particle therapy

Teach the selection criteria for particle therapy for disease sites

Introduce particle therapy clinical trials